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Humans of Dao's Care: Bác Hương

Bác Hương (Uncle Huong) is the familiar name that Dao's Care members call our manager, as well as our guiding teacher. If Dao's Care is a healthy, fresh, and strong tree as it is now, behind it is the hard work of those who planted and cared for it, including Bác Hương.

Today, we will tell the story of Bác Hương, and you will see the journey of nurturing, growing, and developing Dao's Care. And more importantly, we hope you will embrace the warm and sparkling light from the story to draw your own colorful story.

1. Sowing seeds

At first, Bác Hương and the founding group nurtured the "seedling" of Dao's Care with the desire to preserve and spread the value of the Dao Do medicinal bath in Ta Phin, Sapa.

Later, thanks to good fortune, the founding group decided to expand their services to massage and healthcare. This journey began with a heart that understands the hardships of visually impaired people and those with difficult circumstances. They have to endure great losses and barriers in all aspects of life from daily activities to perception and living skills.

They seemed to shrink in their own dark shadows. Therefore, Dao's Care wants to be the door that opens up the light and connects them to the world by training them to have a real job and self-reliance, Bác Hương shared.

With that mindset, from the early days, Bác and the founding group welcomed particularly challenging circumstances. Not only were they lacking in material resources, but their awareness and living skills were also limited. With love, tolerance, and patience, Dao's Care welcomed them to the common house to teach them to become self-sufficient, confident people and to train them to become professional massage technicians.

2. Care

The journey of nurturing Dao's Care has faced many challenges in its development. The lack of resources such as physical facilities and personnel, especially in the early days when Ms. Huong and the founding team did not have much knowledge and experience in operating a spa as a social enterprise model. But one thing that helped Dao's Care sprout and overcomes all difficulties is determination.

Ms. Huong emphasized: "Despite the difficulties, everyone is united and never thinks of giving up. We just dive in to solve each problem one by one."

Ms. Huong plays a role in operating and building a solid management foundation as it is now. But for the members of Dao's Care, she is like a teacher, guiding and educating us towards good values. Heart-to-heart conversations are the way Ms. Huong directs and educates us toward good values.

Ms. Huong's dedication is like a fresh, clear stream of water that nourishes and helps the "seedlings" of Dao's Care grow and thrive.

3. Support and Guidance

Now that Dao's Care can stand firmly like a healthy tree, Ms. Huong does not need to be constantly close anymore but gently steps back. However, whenever Dao's Care faces storms or obstacles, she will come forward to support and motivate us. Ms. Huong connects people and soothes and resolves difficulties.

After 6 years of nurturing and growing Dao's Care to develop as it is today, what Ms. Huong is most proud of is her perseverance, solidarity, and steadfastness on the chosen path. The sweet fruit of Dao's Care is creating useful values and services for the community, and the joy of helping many people become self-reliant and overcome their fate.

In the colorful journey, Ms. Huong's joy is to build Dao's Care in a way that always reflects her intention: gentle, slowly developing, and simple like a tree. It is not about rapid, flashy development but simple, peaceful, yet full of determination and strength.

And at the end of the day, a simple joy like receiving thanks from a technician is enough to make Ms. Huong smile in the evening.

Dao's Care has become a simple joy, a peaceful feeling, and an ambition for Ms. Huong, our members, and hopefully for everyone.

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