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  • This is your first visit, here is what you can expect"
    It’s time to relax. The friendly staff and professional massage therapists at Dao's Care are committed to providing a calm, stress-free experience, every time. Here’s what you can expect.
  • When is the latest time to book ? and how long in advance?
    Although before 20:30 is the perfect time to book, we can always be flexible for our beloved customers. We encourage our costumer to book in advance in order to enjoy a perfectly prepared massage despite how many special request are made. For your convinience : we are usually crowded on weekends and weekdays’evening
  • Do you accept credit card?
    + We accept Visa and Master Card. + In case your card is neither Visa or Master, please check if your card can be used in our local ATMs and we will be happy to show you nearest ATMs.
  • If I were late, what would happen?"
    + We will call you and leave a message or text you (client preference) at 5 minutes past your appointment start time. + We will call you and leave a message or text you (client preference) at 10 minutes past your appointment start time. After two attempts to make contact with no response and you are 15 minutes late (or more): You will be considered a ‘no call, no show’ if you are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment (meaning that you do not call ahead to cancel or you do not show up for your appointment). Your appointment will automatically be cancelled. And we will enforce our right to fill in other costumer on your time . However strictly, we will try our best to remain or rearrange your appointment.
  • Should we take a shower before massage?
    A shower before massage is not compulsory yet not forbade. However , SAVE WATER, SAVE OUR FUTURE^^.
  • Should we bring extra clothes/ swimsuits?
    At Dao’s Care we provide massage clothes and towel (for the bath or shower).
  • Can we book for more than 2 ppl at a time?
    Our website is limited on the number of costumer per reservation. Therefore, please make a note of how many people will be receiving services on the website reservation or contact us via website, phone and Facebook page.
  • Does the price aready include tips?
    Here in Dao’s Care we implement no-tips policy in order to ensure a good service quality and to build a healthy massage culture. We believe that low wage and the dependence on tips from customers are major obstacles to become a professional therapist in Vietnam
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