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How did Dao's Care become a social enterprise?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Every business has their own story which inspires themselves to cultivate and pursue their values. The journey leading Dao’s Care to become a social enterprise is full of wonderful opportunities that we are confident to be proud and grateful for every moment.

1. Journey to come up with red Dao herbal bath

The destined connection Ms. Trang, one of the founders, had with the Ta Phin land of Sapa is where the story of Dao's Care begins. She had previously experienced herbal baths and used natural medicinal goods in Ta Phin village, home to the Red Dao ethnic minority, and felt that both her health and her mind had improved a lot.

Ms. Trang in Ta Phin, Sapa

However, the benefits of bathing in Red Dao leaves for health care were not well understood at that time. Because she wanted to raise awareness about the benefits of leaf baths and give people better access to healthy health care, she was determined to bring this bath remedy to Hanoi.

In addition, a long time living together nurtured a close connection among them which motivated her to do something meaningful for the Red Dao ethnic community. A meeting with Mr. Ly Lao Lo, Director of Sapanapro Social Enterprises inspired Ms. Trang to do what she could to help the Red Dao's people and contribute to the preservation and promotion of the village and their medicinal products.

Ms. Trang shared: "I consider health as the most precious asset. Great health means having everything, so the creation of Dao's Care is also the wish and desire of mine, as well as that of the founding team members."

And the journey of Dao's Care originates from such a beautiful chance.

2. Journey from Red Dao herbal bath to deep tissue massage

Continuing the story of bringing Red Dao Herbal Bath from Sapa to Hanoi, Dao's Care began with only a few small baths to serve friends and patrons. Everyone was pleased with bathing with medicinal leaves to relax and improve their health. In addition, they suggested that Dao's Care expand its massage services for customers after taking a bath to get the most relief and relaxation.

The chance to make this idea into reality was further nurtured after a trip of the founders to Ta Phin village. We traveled to Sapa to meet with Sapanapro's director to form a partnership. Whilst there the three founders also met one of Red Dao's most skillful technicians in the future, Ms. Vang Thi Nao Xiem. Ms. Xiem was born and raised in a Hmong ethnic family in a poor highland district in Sapa. Born with eyes that could not see the light and lacked love from her parents, her life was once a long lasting night in the dark.

When we first met her, we were sympathetic to her plight and wanted to assist her in overcoming it, so we extended an invitation for her to attend massage training in Hanoi. Ms Xiem, who was 38 years old and had never left her little town in Sapa or heard of massage, had a great desire for self-control in her own life. Getting out of her comfort zone, she decided to follow Dao's Care.

A beautiful bright smile of Ms. Xiem in Hanoi

From then, a new chapter in her life began.

For Dao's Care, we also further perfected the idea of ​​a social enterprise that we want to pursue.

3. Journey from a Spa to a Roof

Life in Hanoi gave Xiem many new opportunities and challenges. Besides her efforts to be a professional massage therapist, Ms. Xiam also tried a lot to get used to a completely different life.

From small things like cooking, growing vegetables, and taking care of health and personal needs, after 4 months of living in Hanoi, Ms. Xiem was able to lead an independent life and officially become a technician at Dao's Care.

Ms. Xiam has been with Dao's Care for over 6 years, becoming a well-loved professional technician and setting an example for consistent efforts.

Xiam's journey is a small piece in the big picture of lives reunited at Dao's Care. It is her story which has motivated us to develop into a social enterprise, providing vocational training for disadvantaged people, and helping them have stable jobs and self-control.

And from then, the picture of Dao's Care family has more beautiful pieces. It is energetic Bau, smiley Thuy, optimistic Dat, and so on. It is all of the members who motivate us to continue fulfilling our mission.

The lovely thing about Dao's Care is that we are not only a treatment spa but also a home in the eyes of our members.

A moment happily working together

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there's a small house near the spa where the technicians live together. Not only do the members care for and support one another at work, but they also go to the market together, cook together, live together, and befriend one another.

Everyone sticks together and connects like a family because they all live under the same roof.

As the family is a nest of love, we prioritize the development and happiness of each member. We persistently accompany our members on their life journey of self-control and spread values in the community.

Customers trust Dao's Care as a place to clear up stress, take care of their health, and recharge their energy since we founded on the desire to treat customers' health as if they were family members.

Dao's Care is just an ordinary home that wishes to give a lot of love.

Dao's Care door is always open to welcome you to a peaceful place!

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