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Meet The Dao’s Care Staff Members – Duyen  #humanofdaoscare

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Today we would like you to meet a staff member of the Dao’s Care team - the petite and energetic Vu Thi Duyen.

Duyen is one of our visually impaired therapists. From birth, she has been unable to see clearly and growing up in small village in rural Vietnam she was teased by many people because of her disability.

Her family was her only support, and life became more difficult for her when her mother passed away. But Duyen never lost her wish to “stand on her own feet”, be independent and not let her visual disability hold her back.

More than a year ago, she left her hometown to come to Hanoi to try to find a job. She wanted to work as a massage therapist but with her small body she was denied work many times until she found Dao’s Care.

When Duyen joined Dao’s Care she was only able to do simple massage techniques. In the last year she has worked hard to improve her skills and has learnt more difficult massage techniques which demand high technical skill such as Zen in the Heart and Hot Stone massage.

Duyen is very motivated to continue improving her massage skills, she is dedicated to her work and always does her best to make customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Duyen has a serene and happy nature and has a smile that brightens up those that see it.

She lives with the other Dao’s Care therapist in the staff house. She contributes to running the household and is loved by all the other staff. She says she loves the loving and caring environment of Dao’s Care community.

For the future she wants to continue improving her massage skills. Her work here gives her the independence and confidence she has always wanted.

“I am very happy at Dao’s Care. I now have a career, I am independent and my confidence is growing each day. I can help support my family. Dao’s Care has made these things possible for me. In the future I want to help motivate and train other visually impaired therapists to help give them the skills to be independent and happy in themselves too.”

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