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Less than 3 Minutes: Book Your Next #daoscare Appointment Online

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Nowadays, the majority of people use their smartphones to research a service or product and make online bookings - because it is simple. The same applies to booking your next herbal bath and/or massage at Dao's Care: it will not even take you 3 minutes! So, you can do it while waiting for the bus or taxi, during a school break, or even just before you go to bed. Our booking system updates our therapists' availability automatically 24/7 meaning that you only see open timeslots. You want to book for more than one person? No problem, just leave us a short note at the last step.

This short video shows you how easy and quick you can do online reservations on your smartphone. You don't need to wait for an email or Facebook reply but get instant confirmation.

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