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From Sapa to Dao's Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

The story behind Dao’s Care

Dao’s Care was founded on 11th October 2016 by the three co-founders Le Thuy Trang, Che Phong Lan and Do Thi Minh Huong. Their aim was to create a healthy society by supporting young visually impaired Vietnamese therapists as well as the Red Dao people in Sapa.

The Red Dao people Mrs. Trang has always been interested in healthy ways of living. She and her family have often visited Tả Phìn, a village in Sapa inhabited by people of the Red Dao ethnic group. Here, Mrs. Trang experienced first hand with the healing powers of the natural medicinal remedies the Red Dao people have used for generations. It was here she first encountered SapaNapro, a social enterprise in Tả Phìn selling their own collected herbal products.

After benefitting from the herbal baths for years, Mrs. Trang spotted a way to give back to this community when she started Dao’s Care. By offering Red Dao herbal baths, Dao’s Care is creating a demand for SapaNapro’s herbal products. This will help inject a new vitality into their local economy to help people escape poverty, develop sustainable practices and preserve their cultural traditions.

Mrs. Trang explains: “Customers come to Dao’s Care, not only because they are curious about the social enterprise, they come because of the value Dao’s Care offers: good services, professional therapists and a dedicated care of our staff and partners. Dao’s Care is aimed at customers who share the same values and who supports the same natural way of life; people who wants to feel good while contributing to the lives of the Red Dao people as well as to the empowerment of young Vietnamese with disabilities".

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