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Humans of Dao's Care

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

Just as not all of us have the power to change the world, we can change the world of one person with the power of love in our hearts.

The story we are about to share shows that miraculous power.

Let's take a few moments to enjoy the story, and fill our hearts with love!

Trang is one of the founders of Dao's Care.

She also takes the initiative to reach out to technicians with exceptional circumstances to join the communal shelter. Normally, according to the recruitment criteria, candidates are expected to actively seek out the company. However, there are individuals at Dao's Care whose situations are so exceptional that she cannot just sit still.

With the support and compassion of Dao's Care, Trang was able to begin her journey of "bringing them home."

One of the memorable journeys that Trang took left a lasting impression on her when she went to Bau’s house.

Upon receiving information about Bau, Ms. Trang went on a solo trip to verify the information and take her to Dao’s Care. However, at that time, neither Bau nor her family knew Vietnamese, which made things difficult for Ms. Trang. The only contact was Xiem, a therapist at Dao's Care, who became an unwitting remote translator, guiding Ms. Trang to Bau's home by relaying messages back and forth.

After a while of searching and verifying the information, Trang finally arrived at Bau's home.

The Bau family welcomed Trang with trust and willingness to let Bau work at Dao's Care. Afterward, Bau asked Trang to stay overnight at their home before setting off.

The next morning, the family took Bau to the planned destination. Bau greeted the family and got into the car with Ms. Trang. As the car drove away, Ms. Trang was still impressed by the moment when Bau turned back and shouted something like saying goodbye to her family. It was Bau's first time leaving home, her first time riding in a car with a new acquaintance, and her first time stepping into a new life.

And Ms. Trang was the first person to guide Bau from the small world of a tiny house to a whole new life.

Bau's new life at Dao's Care is a collection of colorful memories, sparkling with the brightness of joy and novelty mixed with the subdued hues of uncertainty and challenges.

Before becoming a skilled massage therapist, in the early days, Bau had to learn to become an independent member and integrate into the community. She had to learn Vietnamese to communicate with everyone and learn the table manner and the house.

Bau couldn't see, so to get familiar with the facility of Dao's Care, Ms. Trang led Bau step by step for the first two days. Then Ms. Trang wanted Bau to walk on her own, so Bau asked: "Don't you care about me anymore?"

Ms. Trang replied:

"I want you to learn how to be independent and walk on your own."

Bau has become an independent and skilled therapist at Dao's Care.

It has been a long journey of 6 years to reach this day. And that journey started with the first steps guided by Trang, steps fueled by her determination, and steady progress supported by the loving companionship of the Dao's Care family.

Throughout that journey, there were times when unexpected events challenged the determination of the young girl. But it was these challenges that molded a big heart full of gratitude and love for Dao's Care.

Having gone through difficulties and sicknesses that required hospitalization several times, the Dao's Care members took care of Bau as if she were their own family, helping her overcome her struggles. Over the course of 6 years, Bau also returned home a few times due to health or work-related reasons. However, she always chose to come back to Dao's Care.

On the ride back to Dao's Care, Ms.Trang asked, "Do you remember everyone at Dao's Care?" and Bau replied, "If I didn't, why would I come with you to be back with everyone?"

Bau recently extended a heartfelt invitation to the members of Dao's Care, kindly inviting us for a drink as a way of expressing her gratitude for our love and support over the years. This humble and genuine gesture brought joy and warmth to everyone's hearts. Bau, now grown and appreciative, openly expresses her love, which is truly the most precious gift she can offer to Dao's Care.

The story of Bau and Ms. Trang's companionship is just a small piece of the beautiful tapestry in Dao's Care. Throughout the past six years, together we have created a loving home filled with a wonderful spirit. The greatest reward for us in its journey of growth is the genuine happiness of its members, as their lives become even more vibrant and fulfilling.

After a long day's work, despite the challenges, our unwavering faith keeps their hearts calm and steadfast, ready to face each new day with renewed determination and enthusiasm.

With each passing day, we commit ourselves to give a little extra effort, strengthening our bonds, nurturing more love, and taking another step together on this remarkable journey.

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