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Happy Vietnamese Teacher's Day 2017!


On 20th of November, Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is celebrated to honor all the teachers in Vietnam for their contributions. Teacher’s Day allows the students to express their gratitude and respect to their teachers and it is usually celebrated with special events held at the schools. Historically, the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day was first celebrated in 1958, so this year will be the 49th celebration.

Dao’s Care

Many of Dao’s Care’s customers are teachers, which is why we have decided to celebrate this day by offering all teachers in Hanoi a discount! We want to do this as an express of gratitude to all teachers’ contribution to the Vietnamese society. Whatever service you choose at our place, you will get another 15 minutes massage – for free! If you choose the 60 min Dao massage, you will get 75 min for the same price. If you choose the 75 hot stone massage, you will get 90 min and so forth! All you have to do to get the discount is to go to our Facebook page and tag another teacher, who you think could use a massage, in our post. Then both you and the person you tagged, will get the discount. You can see the post here:


We know that it is usually the students who give their teachers flowers, greeting cards and small gifts, but we at Dao’s Care think that all you teachers also deserve a small gift from us!

So, take a break from all the kids and come to our place to treat yourself - leaving relaxed and refreshed.

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